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Getting a Hairdo


Shunique Williams

Changing Lives And Breaking Molds In The Hair Industry 


In 15 years of salon ownership, my business has evolved into something I never could have anticipated but am so proud to call my baby. At Curlington Salon, we celebrate our genuine passion for curls, coils, and kinks by doing hair the Summa Cum Curls way.

I’ve strived to create a space and experience that leaves our guests looking incredible, feeling blissed out, and walking out the door more confident in mind and spirit.

To that end, I design and manufacture custom luxury products and services and make education an ongoing part of the hair journey—mine, Curlington’s stylists’, and yours, too. 

My stylists focus on changing lives and breaking molds in the hair industry. Our standard of care is unmatched, and the health of your hair and scalp are our first priority. 

Walk into Curlington, and you’ll hear welcoming, encouraging voices (and a lot of loud laughter). You’ll feel experienced hands working magic on your locks, no matter their texture or style. 

You deserve hair with the highest distinction. We’re honored to give it to you. Summa Cum Curls. 

We promise to provide you with an elevated salon experience that lavishly honors curly hair of all textures and styles.

We believe in: 

  • Raising the bar on natural hair services and custom blowouts while maintaining a consistent caring atmosphere. We enhance and embrace your natural beauty without compromising the integrity of your hair or scalp. Keep your edges intact!

  • Continued education. Our Curl Specialists offer state-of-the-art services and custom products that intensify all curl textures. Through our unique, in-depth consultation and scalp analysis, we create your custom curl syllabus—a clear path to your ultimate scalp and hair health. 

  • A safe place, simplified routines, and services for highly textured hair. You shouldn’t sacrifice all your time and money for the salon.

Client Reviews 

  • "Shunique is a visionary & hair guru! Any idea that I bring to her, she exceptionally delivers while ensuring that my hair remains healthy and hydrated. If you’re looking to build a relationship with a great hair stylist and have healthy hair, I highly recommend booking your next appointment at Curlington Salon!" Brooke

  • “Curlington Salon offers Professional services that are prompt, courteous, and very friendly. Shunique Williams is very knowledgeable in her craft of natural and color treated hair.  She always stays abreast of the latest hair care information so that each of her clients will have the healthiest mane around. I highly recommend Curlington and Shunique Williams to handle your hair care needs!” -Veronica

  • "Shunique has been my stylist for almost 10 years.  She never stops learning, honing her craft and growing. Her expertise and customer service are unmatched. I trust her to keep my hair healthy and beautiful and she never misses!" -Kellie

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