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How To Prepare

In order to receive outstanding results, we ask you to prepare your hair before you visit the salon. 


  • If you are a new client to Curlington Salon it is mandatory that you choose from the freshman client service menu. This allows the stylist to make sure your hair and scalp get the love and attention it needs. 

  • If you are a returning client who hasn't visited the salon in 90 days it is also mandatory that you book from the returning freshman service menu.

  • Remove all braids, twist, coils, weave etc. Make sure the hair is properly detangled before your visit to the salon. 

  • We need your hair to be free from excessive oil, vaseline, grease or gels. An additional charge of $45 will be added to your service, in the event the stylist has to remove excess oil and tangles from the hair. 

  • Prices are standard and they can be increased based on the length, density as well as any detangling.

  • No chemical services are provided on new guests.

  • I no longer service children under the age of 15, but you can book a product discovery class for me to help you create a hair care routine for your child.

  • When reserving your appointment please book the correct service for your appointment as you will not be able to add additional services at the physical appointment.

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